Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for Technology

So if my last post was nearly incoherent I would like to apologize. As my friend Janel pointed out, I really should sleep before posting. The twelve hour days I put in leaves my brain fried and when you add the "I just finished the week" drink to that... Well, I'm surprised I make any sense to myself.

Anywho.  How was your Thanksgiving? If you aren't in this country, did you do something anyway to celebrate and be thankful?  We threw together something at the last minute, all my husband's immediate family and my father made an item or two and we did it pot-luck style.  The cousins climbed trees and played Wii, though somehow my son managed to avoid photos.  So did I, for that matter.  We played Raymond's Raving Rabids and Wii Bowling.  Dad wasn't sure what to make of the cow tossing. Oh wait, not that link. This is the cow tossing one.

I have a blouse and a pair of pants cut out. Both of them Colette patterns.  I ran off and left my thumb drive at home so I don't have any sewing photos for you.  I do, however, have  a photo of my son completely mesmerized by the new washing machine that was delivered Sunday morning.

Can I wash clothes, Mom?  After you take a shower!
Amazing, isn't it?  I get a matching dryer in two weeks.  I broke my "no shopping on Black Friday" rule to get them half price after my old one died on me for a third time in two years. We've come a long way from this:

Could you imagine? They were amazing for their time.

and this:

Cause this sucked even more.

P.S. For those of you interested, more info on the new toy here.

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