Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog Awards and Merry Merry

I'm just going to come out and say this. I'm a Grinch. Mostly its because, here in the USA, its become such a commercialized IN YOUR FACE ordeal. This from the person that cancelled her cable because I hate commercials that much. 

But, despite that, I hope everyone is having a good time with lots of food, cocktails, and people they love. 

Now, on to the other thing! Blog awards, yaaay!  

First up is the Premio award from Cari Homemaker Deserves a Cocktail (I hear she shares!). This is to thank the last nine people to comment on my blog.  I also want you all to know that I LURV COMMENTS. Lurv them. I lurv them so much I don't even spell it right! Even if I don't reply I read every single one.

Cari Homemaker
Hana - Marmota
gahillbilly (this is my Dad)
Meg the Grand

The rules are deceptively simple.

1) Thank the person who gave you the award  (Thank you Carie!!) 

2) List seven thinks about yourself

3) Name others to pass the awards along to. This rule I've seen some variations to with some saying seven, others nine, still others "15 or so". Put a link to their blogs and notify them via a comment/e-mail.

Seven Things About Me:

  • I lived in a tent for a year when traveling around the country with the Renascence Festival. I have a great appreciation for indoor plumbing now.
  • I have a completely illogical fear of hairballs and dust bunnies. HATES THEM. 
  • When I was growing up we often had our phone tapped because of my Dad's former job, but I can't tell you what it was, because then I'd have to kill you.
  • I once saw a hawk get hit on  the windshield of the car in front of me in traffic and I thought maybe I could save it, so I pulled over and gently put it in the back seat of my van.  It died, but then I didn't know what to do because having hawk feathers  is illegal unless you are Native American. So I stuck it in a plastic in a box in the deep freezer.  Finally my husband just threw it out when we had to move the freezer to convert the garage. 
  • I own at least 40 different board games and about 20 card games (LUNCH MONEY!)
  • I met my husband at a vampire LARP
  • I play the flute. 

Ok, now time to nominate people.  Oh, dear.  I'm gonna try and stick with seven, I like seven, its a good number.

  • Kadiddlehopper - I found her through Instagram and I just love her to bits! Our daughters share a bow and arrow obsession. 
  • Hana-Marmota - we actually met through a Neil Gaiman fan site.  I love her posts about the Czech Republic and her travels in the area. Oh, and she sews too.
  • Rolling in Cloth - Claudine, you may have seen her mentioned by Peter of MPB.  She does amazing work, including Chanel style jackets with hand embroidery. Right now she's got an evening coat in the works.
  • Made-By-Hand - Jeffrey I found through The Sartorialist, and he's an honest to goodness bespoke tailor. He's the one that I found out about "Men of The Cloth" from (which made their kickstarter goal, btw!!). He probably won't respond to this post, but I'm OK with that. He's also recovering from a culinary accident to his hand. 
  • Nettie of Sownbrooklyn - another super Mom who somehow finds time to sew with three kids and grad school (just finished and landed a job to boot, Hooray Nettie!).
  • Un-Sung Sewing Patterns - I'm not sure who this lady is but she posts the most fascinating information about old utilitarian patterns. Seriously, go check it out. 
  • Kristin of K-Line - She's responsible for getting me into the right size bra, for which I'll forever be grateful!

Wow, this post took and amazingly long time to write! Good thing its dead at work. Its kinda like watching paint dry here. Oh well, guess I'll go read my new Threads magazine.


  1. A kindred spirit! The first event I went to with my husband was a pirate wedding.....

  2. Thanks, doll!! You are so sweet!! And you've given me some nice future blog content. Though, I'm not sure that I have more obscure facts about myself to reveal ;D