Sunday, July 10, 2011

Desperately Seeking Shorts (With lots of Fitting Photos)

From Peanut Butter Macramé

Dear readers, I need your expertise! I have been wanting to make the above shorts (view B) for some time now. They seem the perfect type, high waist, slightly tailored with an almost skirt look to them. This means I could dress them up for the office, or down for a BBQ. Different fabrics for a different occasions. But I've hesitated because I just have NO clue how to fit shorts or trousers. I have "Pants Fit for Real People" and its been of some help. I decided to take pictures to not only help myself but to ask for your help too.

I probably should have used the same shirt for both sessions but I wanted something a bit thicker tucked in as that is one way I'll wear them (albeit with a more fitted blouse). Also, in the process of taking photos i realized that my hips are uneven. Probably due to my favoring my right side for a very very long time (back surgery). Anyway. Enough of that, on to photos!

(Front with wonky zipper installed)

(Front without zipper)

(Right side with zipper installed, as you can see, its pulling to the back)

(Right side without zipper. Seams are straight! I need to add more waist width)

(Back with zipper in. I actually like the way it hangs here)

(This is without the zipper, and oh yeah, I have elastic in at the waist. I pulled it u and the sides upper back is better, but the pleat comes open. Does anyone know how this would fix it?)

Ok, so I've determined I need more in the side seams to about the fullest part of my hip. That seems to take care of the full tummy problem. I know I need a swayback adjustment (you can't really see it, but I have it pulled up some). But how do I fix the pleat? Or do I need to? HELP!

Oh, there is a 1-inch waist band. With that said, the finished product should come just above my belly button (my high-waist). I really do appreciate any fitting feedback you wonderful people can help with! In the meantime, I leave you with my favorite photo I took on the Fourth of July!

From Eddie's 4th of July Party


  1. umm... i'd say you've done PRETTY DAMN GOOD. you're already on the two adjustments i thought of, and as for the pleat, i'm not sure... what bothers you about it? the only thing i'd say is maybe close it up a wee bit more (which might affect how much extra width you add). and maybe with the SBA you might lose a little length on the backside hem, so you might want to add some just in case... you can always hack it off later.

    seriously, these are gonna be frigging fantastic.

  2. I actually think they look pretty good, too! And, since I suck at pants fitting, I won't try to help with the back pleat except to say add the waist-width and see what that brings...

    good luck! :)

  3. @Oona - Thanks! You think its decent so far? That's heartening. Now that I've slept off some of the wine and I look at the photos the second side shots look much more slimming. A different shirt and a waist band after the sway back will probably make it less dumpy looking. I had intended to add some length at the hem, too.

    @Tanit-Isis - really? I think you are awesome at pants fitting! I hear you are working long hours sans children? Hope you are getting paid hourly! (I'm salaried... its got its good and bad side.

  4. oh no, you must have more wine! that is the key to proper pants fitting!