Monday, October 1, 2012

They Just Aren't Geek Enough

Lean to the side giggle.

I managed to get a few photos of Simon in his Horde Shirt, though I can't say they are very good ones.  Capturing the male of the Katza species on film is difficult at best.  Almost up there with Chupacabras. I'd love to do an actual photos hoot with him in this thing, but honestly, this is about what they would end up looking like anyway.  Usually, no matter how hard I try, he ends up fuzzy. Much like Big Foot.

Surprise face!
More fuzzy cam smile. 

Personally, I think this looks awesome with the red leather Wilson's jacket I got from a consignment sale for $25. Not something I'd ever pay full price for and he loves it to bits, so score one for Mom!  I asked him if any of his classmates noticed his shirt, he said no. Unfortunately we live in an area of little geekiness. However, when we went to Anime Weekend Atlanta to hand off two kittens (five more to go!!), lots of people there were all "Cool little dude".

Yup, about right.
In other news, I've been thinking about inventing a portable distortion field to prevent surreptitious photo taking. I figure there's enough scientists among this crowd we could put something together. Feminist sewists unite!


  1. Love the shirt! If my boyfriend saw it he'd be giving me doe eyes wanting one. I'm too selfish still to sew for other people though!

  2. yes to every bit of this post, please.

    (simon, you are ROCKING that look.)