Monday, January 10, 2011

High Tech Blue

Do you remember when televisions used to have that black and white "snow" that was loud and static? And sometime in the 90's they started to have what I call "high tech blue". That's what color this dress is, I don't have any other description for it. Its another Vogue 8679, view C. This time I kept it at the full length and also lengthened the sleeves. Its a fairly stable wool knit, which had I been thinking I would have kept some of the ease. Since I did an FBA I decided to keep the bust darts. They were fine on my polkadot dress, but here they are almost parallel under my bust, which um... makes it weird. I'm certain that was a carelessness on my part as I cut this and a shirt out after being so thrilled with the results of the polkadot one. Then I sort of lost my steam and started daydreaming about summer projects. It might be that we got seven inches of snow here in North Georgia. That's all that white stuff at my feet that's kind of cold and wet. And cold. Did I mention its cold? Good thing I'm wearing wool.

And no, I have not lost my mind. I remembered my coat. (There's proof below. See?)What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, losing my steam on this project. Its a fairly simple dress and it only takes a few hours to put together. That is, when you feel motivated to do so and your sewing machine doesn't decide to be a cranky beotch. I think its time for a tune up, honestly. But I don't know if I can part with her for that long! Lord, I'm hopeless. Its not like I have a lack of sewing machines around here.

Speaking of summer projects, I got my fabric in for my Vintage Sew-A-Long. I was hoping for a smaller print but its just going to have to work. And along the way I picked up this pattern during at $3.99 sale on impulse and then promptly found the perfect fabric to order along with the one for the sew-a-long. How about that? Anyway, that's all from the peanut gallery for now. In the meantime, STAY FABULOUS!


  1. Regardless of the colour name, the colour is stunning on you. It looks fabulous.

  2. Hi tech blue is so much better than "screen of death" blue ;). It looks fab, especially against the snow!

  3. Thanks so muchness! I finished it up cause I knew it would be cold and then all that snow? How could I resist?!