Sunday, January 2, 2011

Primary New Year!

(Lounging with Manga the Cat)

The hubby and I rang in the new year with fireworks at a friend's house. And by "rang" I mean my ears are still ringing from the mishap that caused some to go off under the seat where I was sitting (and blew a hole in my friend's pants, but don't worry, she's Ok). I mean, seriously. Alcohol and explosives, what could possibly go wrong? Still, we had a wonderful time! New year's day found me recovering. It was raining and I was feeling lethargic. I did manage to cut out a dress and a shirt, just haven't stitched them together. A friend came over to hang out with our roommate and spent the night. She was kind enough to help Felicity made a clock battery out of potatoes. And then an orange. (My kids do science experiments and art projects for fun because that's how we roll)

So the nerd in me is excited as this year is also a Primary Number. How exciting is that! This means its going to be an extra special year because I say so! I'm just thinking that I embarked on the journey of learning to sew fashion clothing for myself almost two years ago. I have found quite a community of passionate sewists online that have led me to resources and lent me the strength to overcome hurdles. This sounds corny but its helped in other areas of my life as well. Everyone needs a sense of accomplishment.

I want to continue adding new skills to my sewing repertoire. Bound buttonholes are on the list, as well as a bit of tailoring, sewing with sheer fabric, and maybe even more design work. I dunno, we'll see. Oh yeah, and PANTS! I need to learn to make pants.

I have other goals that are not related to sewing, unless you count loosing weight. I'm down 25 pounds since the beginning of 2010 and my goal is another 25. This will put me at pre-baby weight (but not my all time low) and I'll be happy there. Then there's the career goals... Anywho! I shall endeavor to share more of my planning thoughts and day dreams of what, in a perfect world, I would have the time and energy (and money) to sew up for a fabulous wardrobe!

Stay Fabulous!


  1. I have no doubt you will succeed in your goals. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year! Being a math teacher, I totally appreciate your recognition of prime numbers! I'm also working on a continued weightloss this year, so here's to both of us!!!