Thursday, July 21, 2011


(This is how I blow-dry my hair, doesn't everyone? )

Why no, I haven't gotten any sewing done lately. Why, you may ask? Well I was busy blow-drying my hair.


Actually, I've been busy working and being a Good Mom by doing my once yearly visit to church to see my kids' play. They go with their Grandmother to the day camp every year and work really hard on it too. So despite my misgivings about organized religion I put on my Sunday Best and the hubby and I head out. This year my father went too.

I have cut out one knit dress and I'm about to cut out another, shorter version. And I've been taking inventory of on-hand fabrics and patterns and what I need and want to sew. Planning a wardrobe for the next couple years, as it were. Its also part of the Slow Clothes Initiative brought up on the Sew Weekly Forums. Despite my best efforts I've bought a great deal of fabric, but I was buying it with very purposeful planning. I'll probably put my sewing machine in the repair shop for servicing this coming Monday morning since I won't have any time to sew until we get back from camping. Look forward to fun photos of that!

In the meantime, here's a couple of photos I can post from the play.

(My daughter in the chorus)

(My son, sitting on the stool, playing "Stix". He likes his music LOUD!)

(forever the ham)

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  1. The play looks like fun! I need to get organized and get my kids in drama camp or something one of these summers... they'd eat it up.

    Have fun camping---that's not a bad idea dropping your machine off for service while you're gone. I should think about that...