Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween is a "Thing" in My House.

Every year I ask the kids what they want to be. Every year I do my best to cater to their requests and I always bite off more than I can chew.  I stress, growl, and otherwise complain, but the end results and the amazing happy smiles are always worth it.

I  mean seriously,  how many kids do you know get their werewolf costume made by a professional movie props maker. *  And honestly, costuming is what got me into sewing in the first place.

So this year, Felicity wants to be Little Red Riding hood, with a twist.  You see, she's going to use the head of Simon's old werewolf costume as her 'trophy' and carry around a battle ax with blood stains.  Luckily,  hers is the easy one. The only component I have to make is the dress itself.  I intend to give it a bit of a modern edge so maybe she'll wear it to school too.  (heh, pipe dream)

I'll be adding an exposed zipper and the little red heart trim.  We already have a vintage white pinafore and a jacket that looks the part. I'm doing view D, please look past the styling on the patter. UG.

Guess what Simon wants to be? I'll give you a hint.
Oh right, let me just pull that one out of my ass!  That's not going to be difficult at  _all_.  *bugeye* Wouldn't you know, I said yes.  I do have a plan of attack. I'm going to use the pirate pants/poet shirt combo for the base.

I already have a ton of plain white cotton batiste and muslin on hand.  And I have some heavier canvas for the hood and weird tabard thingie.  And red cloth for the sash.  That leaves the leather chaps and bracers.  This is were trusty goodwill and old leather coats will come in handy.  I am NOT doing a ton of ornate details for Halloween.  But I will confess one of the reasons I said yes was so that I could add to it and make it more detailed for D*CON.

As an aside, there have been multiple conversations in my house about how that wrist dagger contraption is actually a very STUPID weapon no matter how cool it looks. So are shuriken.  And no he can't carry around my eight inch Sheffield dagger as part of his weapon.  MAYBE we can borrow a short sword from a friend but he absolutely must be peace bound. And no, Felicity cannot use our roommate's Ax of Oger Slaying.  You know what, let me just end the conversation here and say all weapons carried by those under the age of 14 must be props. Unless of course there's a zombie invasion. Then, by all means, arm yourself and DON'T GET BITTEN!!

Anyway. Maybe doing something completely frivolous and fun like this will get my sewing mojo back in order.  In the meantime, I think some awesome photo shoots will be happening in the near future.

*Lionel is the mad scientist that works in our friends' basement.  I'm not kidding. Have I mentioned I have awesome friends?

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  1. HEE! Tyo was quite convinced she should carry one of her dad's katanas for her Babydoll costume. And she didn't like any of the prop ones we've found because they "don't look real enough". *headdesk*

    I need to get off my procrastinating butt and work on mine...

    Good luck with the Assassin's Creed costume! If it helps, I think the hood and undershirt are supposed to be mail (probably that's the exact opposite of helping, right?).