Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween - Red Riding Hood

I have to admit that the dress turned out way better than I expected. I also made my daughter get up early on a Saturday to go take photos.  I'm entering it into the BurdaStyle contest, though I don't know how well it will do.  I must say I"m particularly happy with how the back came out.  The apron is vintage and the coat was a gift last year from friends.  The dress though, it was all me. I also made a peter pan style collar out of rabbit fur that just happened to be laying around the house.  I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking.

Exposed lace zipper and inset flower trim.

Oh yeah?

bias binding on the sleeves 

Protecting Grandma's everywhere from the Big Bad Wolf.


  1. um, PLEASE make the "i'm a badass and i just killed a wolf" your main page pic. PLEASE. i'm so voting for y'all.

  2. love how this turned out! (Had to show it to hubs, he does, too). Hooray for the badass girls! :D

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  4. Yay, AND this has more pics than you'd previously posted [that I saw, at any rate]. Lets me download the full set for my 'You' folder =D
    [EDITed to force it to use my actual profile picture @_@]

  5. " out of rabbit fur that just happened to be laying around the house"

    So....Manga & Bailong liked the idea and were contributing, eh? ^_~

  6. LOL - No, I think we bought the fur a long time ago for 'other reasons'. If it were Manga or Bailong it would have been chipmunk fur. Lord knows there's been plenty of THOSE in my house lately. The kitten has to learn to hunt, ya know?

  7. My very talented daughter and granddaughter. Don't ever think my granddaughter won't use that axe in defense of her grandmother.