Saturday, December 17, 2011

Broke Camera, Throne on the Porch, and Oona Hair Impersonation

So this thing happened at work. It made me angry. Like, super red-headed-fly-off-the-handle angry. I'm sure the fact that my DSLR decided to just QUIT WORKING this past Saturday didn't help. Until I figure out if I can fix it or I have to buy a new camera body there will be a lot of phone photos. Which isn't terrible considering is has better resolution than my first digital ever did.

But back to this anger-inducing thing. In order to save my co-workers from the Perils of Red-Headed Anger I called my husband and was like "Get. Online. NOW.".  I need someone to talk me down.  So he gets online and I start typing furiously my rage and I suddenly get a message back  "So, we have a new toilet in the master bathroom".

"Buh? What? Why?" I asked.

"Well, I was trying to tighten the bolts on the old one and they just disintegrated and so I went and got a replacement and I'm taking a break before I go back and finish cleaning up the mess. Oh, and just so you know, the old one is on the front porch with the box over it as best I could."  He types to me.


*blink blink*

I'm staring at the screen in disbelief.  I can't decide if I'm even angrier or proud cause my geek man managed to fix the toilet all by himself. So I relay the story to my friend Janel. Sorta. I said "So... hubby broke the toilet. And then fixed it".  She comes back with a "Man, I've had some epic sh*ts in my life but I've never broken the toilet".   I love that woman. She has the best lines.

At this point I totally lose it and start laughing hysterically. I don't care if my coworkers are looking at me funny. They have no idea the fate they were just saved from. Besides, they should be used to my maniacal laughter by now.

Later in the week I had decided to put my hair up in the headband wrap so it would be curly the next day. Except I put it up while wet and then left it in longer than I had before. I took it out and looked in the mirror. OMG! My hair is impersonating Oona! AWESOME!

FYI: this is why I wear mascara even if I put no other makeup on. 

In sewing news. All I have to do for Felicity's robe is buttons and hemming. And I'm making her a Pebbles Dress.  Not intentionally though. The girl officially has more leopard print in her wardrobe than I do.

So that was my week. How was yours?  Sewing anything for Christmas?


  1. how can you fit that much awesome in one post and still have room for oona hair?

    (please tell me you wore it out)

  2. I totally wore it out! I stuck it in a pony tail on top of my head with a bow and went to work!