Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Little Encouragement Needed

Hello dear readers.  Once again I am posting with very little to show for my work.  The good news is that my Full Derriere adjustment worked and now the Clover back waist comes up where it should.  The bad news is I botched the pockets and the side seems at the hip are too bulky.  I'm gonna just take out the pockets and make this pair without them. I figure that once I finish and press the seam allowance on the out-seam, that will help.  Then I can take in if necessary.

It just seems like I can't get this right.  I'm frustrated with the results of the last several projects lately AND I've just been tired. So. Very. Tired.  I have a good plan laid (lain? I'm never sure on that one) out but I just can't seem to get over the invisible hurdle of frustration.

The other project I have cut out and want to get to very soon is another Sencha. I modified this one to be a boat neck and its in a pretty blue silk.  I think after this I'm going to make a few skirts and some dresses (with SLEEVES!).  But... again, there's that whole 'little me' black cloud hanging over my head that makes me feel like I just can't do anything well. And mostly I'm voicing it here because I've always felt that once you voice an issue it make it easier to deal with.

Modification in green, a more tapered dart to bring in upper back and let out over the derriere. 

pretty blue silk
Again, I still have to take pictures of the long sleeve knit blouse.  And make some pajama pants for both kids.  My awake-during-day hours have been few.  In other good news, my dear husband finally pushed me out of the house to get my hair and nails done. I hadn't done anything to treat myself like that before Mom died and it really did help. Also helping is the fact that I can work from home now. Not all the time, but like this week when one of cars is in the shop?  Makes a huge difference. It also means an extra hour of sleep and two hours gained at home NOT DRIVING.  Or if we have those incredibly weird snow storms like last year and the entire city gets shut down. Fun times.

Ok, I think I'm done feeling mopey. Time for sleep and then work!

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  1. Aww, sorry you're feeling down. :( That blue silk looks beautiful! I sometimes find that when I start a project convinced it's going to be awesome, it's more likely to turn out that way, whereas if I'm convinced it's going to be meh, it ends up meh. Of course, some of that might just be in my head, too...

    Good luck with finishing off your Clover! :)