Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Label

Hello Dear Readers! I know a while back I mentioned I might do a bit more photography that is not quite sewing related. And more technology histories. And a few political essays when they cross over into the sewing room. And I assure you that scattered across my house are various bits of paper with ideas scribbled on them, but since I live in a barely controlled state of chaos, getting it together and putting it here is problematic. And my camera is at the camera doctor.

So. I've decided to give you another, somewhat spontaneous, occasional thing called "Sh*t My Family Says". Family here being a somewhat loose term to include people I interact with on a regular basis. Often I post these things to Facebook. Honestly though, some of them just need to be shared to spread the pain. And funny.  Pain is funny, right?  Like the other night:

Me: I don't hear any teeth brushing going on!
Son: I had to take my pants off!

And there you have it.

In other news, the trash guys hauled off  my porch decoration. And Friday I should be able to get pictures of Felicity in her robe. But not the Pebbles Dress. That turned into an un-mitigated disaster. I'll probably just turn it into a loincloth and call it a a day.

Here's a photo of Moran Freeman with a kitty on his head. 


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