Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Garden Party for Easter Dress

The flower was her idea.
Spring has sprung here in the South. Everything is starting to bloom and the trees are giving it their all. As in, the pollen count is completely insane.  We don't have spring here we have "pollen season". The side benefit of this is I got to borrow my neighbor's  yard to take photos of the Easter Dress.  He's a landscape artist, which really just makes me feel worse about our lack of yard working skills.  I think, with all the trees we have, we might mow the lawn (read: weeds) about twice a summer.  My idea to rent a goat hasn't gone over that well. *sighs*  
twirly skirts are fun!
Lets jump on the rocks!!
Hmmm... I wonder if I can make that one.

Look, a rabbit hole!

 See the underskirt? That is actually last thing Mom made before she died. It made me happy that it works perfectly with this dress. :D

I think she looks like a Hula Girl here.

Time to walk home!
Felicity wore this to school for picture day. Everyone loved it, followed by a "but you should have worn a shirt under it".  Apparently they don't understand the purpose of a sun dress. Normally halters are frowned upon anyway but they let it slide. I told my daughter she can't wear the dress to school again.


  1. My granddaughter is absolutely stunning in her brand new absolutely stunned dress made by my daughter. I'm so proud. Love grandpa.

  2. The dress is so pretty and she looks adorable. Love the red bands!

  3. For me, her dress is gorgeous and she shouldn't wear any under shirt anymore.

    1. Thanks, and I told her not to wear it to school again, but she wears it any other chance she gets.