Monday, November 12, 2012

non-euclidean topography

Me: If I can ever wrap my head around the geometry of trouser fitting I will rule the world.
Hubby: Is it because non-euclidean topography has a real life application after all or did math geeks just figure out a way to get --> girls' pants?
Me: ...  You are such a nerd. 
In related news, I started a pair of Colette Clovers after finishing three Renfrew tops. Once I'm done with the two pair of Clovers I want to make (which should be this weekend) I'll have enough cake that I can get on to some frosting. Tasty Tasty frosting. No good photos as of yet, so uh... here's a pic of my cat in a box. 

I'm in a box! 


  1. Can't wait to see the Renfrews and the Clovers! Those names seem born to go together. :) I have a song developing in my head "Renfrew and Clover" di da di da di da...and there's running through fields...okay, clearly I need to get more sleep. ;) Beautiful cat!

  2. Wait, those are two boxes!

    I wonder if I could wrap my head around pants-fitting if I were more of a maths geek... The fact that my mom studied at the Mathematical-Physical Faculty does not exactly help me, because she studied statistics. *sigh*

  3. Good luck with the Clovers! That trouser geometry has its own set of dimensions, I'm pretty sure (sadly, my inner math-geek atrophied after high school, so I can't do much better than that.)

    And yes, a very pretty cat in a box. :)

  4. You have the cutest kitty! Someone commented on Tasia's blog that pant-sewing is the devil! Sadly I must agree. Looking forward to reading your pants fitting journey, hopefully I can get there someday.