Friday, November 30, 2012

Sewing Bloggers Are Awesome

A while back, miss Juliet of Crazy Gypsy Chronicles had a lovely little give-a-way. I had all but forgotten about it, wrapped up as I was in personal drama, that the box was a delightful surprise.

First up was the most awesome pin cushion ever of pincushions. Its a teacup, WITH A DRAGON!  It just so happens I'm a dragon in the Chinese zodiac, and I love dragons.  She has a tutorial on how to make your very own here. Also, some navy and red cotton floral that is destined to become a summer blouse.  And a cute little bug in a box, which has since sprouted legs and walked off. Probably somewhere in the depths that is The Upstairs (That's the kids' domain. Also, that is where all my tape disappears to. I'm stuffing my daughters Christmas stocking full of every kind of tape imaginable this year.)

Up next:

BUTTONS! And Patterns! AND MORE FABRIC!  Oooh, that blue and white was claimed by Felicity, so that will probably end up being a summer blouse for her. I don't know what I'm gonna do with the buttons, but I'll find something. They are just too beautiful.

And in the very bottom of the box was a bar of dark chocolate, which has been hidden among my sewing notions for emergencies, such as sewing sleeves on backwards and Simon trying to do parkour in the house (more on that later).

So, thank you Miss Gypsy for the wonderful smile!


  1. Don't you love a surprise package! That is an awesome pincushion :)

  2. That teacup pincushion is just amazing!! I love the buttons too :) Surprise packages are the best <3