Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Week in Snapshots

Hello Everyone! I want you to know that I got all dolled up to take photos on my newly cleaned up back porch only to discover the camera battery dead and the charger missing in actions. Add this to the lens cap I lost on the horseback ride and I was a sad panda.  So. I've ordered replacement parts and a remote. Here's hoping, right?

So, in the mean time you get Instagram photos. Here's a collection of outfits that include me made items. Two Renfrews and my cropped jacket. And a few other things as well.

Clover facings

The best part of this fabric is that it matches both colors of corduroy I picked out to make clovers. I also adjusted the waist band pieces to curve in more as they were too wide at the top previously for me to feel comfortable.

 Also, I finally relented and told Felicity yes on dying her hair. She wants RED hair, like mine. I said we'd do the lightest red first.  So I got strawberry blonde and it turned out lovely. In fact, it turned out to be the exact color my hair was at her age. It was spooky.

Can I wash it out yet?

Hair all done and I'm ready for bed! 
 And she wore the gold dress her Grandma bought her recently. I love this photo of her playing the Nintendo DS at the Thanksgiving party we had early. Cause I'm on-call Thanksgiving and working the Friday after. And the hubby is working both days. Woo.

So did I mention I made like, three renfews?  Yup, two cowl neck ones out of sweater knit and I'm practically living in these things. Here's a sparkly black one. I have to wear a cami underneath or it gets scratchy but it looks just so awesome.

This photo was taken after a 12 hour work day and I had just washed my face. 

On to work outfits!  This first outfit goes with my new jacket.  The gold blouse and the skirt are also made by me.

My eyes, they are closed.
I love these pants, they are RTW from Layne Bryant. Only problem?  They start sagging after about 8 hours of sitting. Bleh.  All these photos are taken in the locker room at the work gym. Yes, we have a gym at work and its free.  Working for Evil Corporations does have its perks. Fortunately, the one I work for is fairly benign, in that most of what they do and support I agree with.

Work outfit 2, Striped Renfew 
Dior Advertisment
I bought the September issue of Vogue just so I could have the photo of this dress' guts. I'm so fascinated!
I love it very much.

I sorted and labelled all my notions. I have a photo of all my lace zippers somewhere.  Gotta find it.

And last, but  not least, my two oldest cats curled up in the rocking chair together sleeping.  These two are often at odds with each other but they set it aside when its cold.


  1. Felicity's new hair colour goes well with those slight freckles on her nose!

    Trousers too wide at the waist are a universal problem.

    Love the sparkly sweater; it reminds me to refashion the short sparkly knit dress that never gets worn (read: shorten into a sweater).

    And, heh, cats.

    1. I have a few things in my closet that I wish I could refashion in some way but my brain just doesn't think like that. I can start from scratch, and I can find things off the rack that work, but refashioning makes my brain go DERP.

  2. Sorry about the camera! I love the new jacket and the Renfrews though :)

    1. Camera parts on their way! I was sorry too, but it will be fine.

      Thanks! Me too. :)