Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm an Inverted Pear, Apparently.

(9:49:40 AM) me: apparently I'm more of an hourglass with a V shape than a pear shape
(9:50:03 AM) me: which is uncommon
(9:50:08 AM) me: pear shapes are MUCH more common
(9:57:38 AM) hubby: right
(9:58:54 AM) me: why do i have to be different???
(9:59:16 AM) hubby: cause we don't need more barbie dolls
(9:59:50 AM) hubby: they get churned out fast enough... botox on a $#@$& preschooler is what happens when homogeny is worshiped.

Ok, so you are probably wondering what precipitated this conversation (we'll get to the social implication of his statement a bit later) . Its the fact that I'm sending back my SECOND dress form. It turns out that the industry that makes them does not account for people like me who have a seven inch difference between their full bust and under bust measurements. Or 4.5 from full to upper bust. And I PROMISE you I'm not bragging, honest. I have been cursed blessed with a huge rack. Mom says its all Dad's fault, ya know, according to science.

So anyway. Quite a few people have pointed out that I could make a duct-tape dress form. Except those are bad for using with delicate fabrics. And you can't really stick pins in it. There's some casting methods but mounting them in some stable and elegant way is somewhat difficult. Though I guess I could just put a doppleganger me over the mannequin on the back porch.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have a display mannequin with two left arms on my back porch? One day I'll tell you that story. But for now lets just say its a great way to scare away robbers on a dark night. More likely it just makes the neighbors wonder what brand of weirdo I am.

IN any case. On the that last comment. This story about a Mom who injected her daughter with Botox. Um. What? Now, I admit I don't watch the news for a reason but my boss walked out and told me about this. I think mostly because he knows it would get me riled up. As a mother of my own eight year old and having had my own body issues growing up, this just makes me want to scream. I am making the best effort I can as a parent to make sure that both my children are comfortable with who they in their own skin. I don't want them to be anything else but themselves. I know I have a few other mother's out there. What do you think about this?


  1. I have to agree with quite a few of the comments I read after the story- unless there was something else going on that we weren't told about, putting the girl in foster care was extreme. Botox injections for any minor is a horrible idea and should be illegal if it isn't already, but foster care should a last resort (unless it is believed the child is currently in danger).

  2. I kept the other left arm for ME! :)

  3. I totally feel your pain on the dress form thing. They just dont allow for people with big boobs who dont slope away evenly under the bust back to their waist (which surely no one does?. I ended up making one, in a two part process, but I haven't yet mounted it, that is going to be the trick, but I have found the unmounted one quite useful when I get frustrated with FBAs! I am on the lookout for a cheap hatstand currently.

  4. What about the doctor that gave the kid the botox injections?

    I need to get a dress form, so far I've managed without one. I had the same blessings that you do but I had surgery and reduced the girls about two years ago. I should have done it in my 20's. I had a lot of neck pain and was developing some numbness in my arm. The surgery took it away. I'm far from Barbie but I feel SOOO much better.

  5. I am a straight up inverted pear/triangle, whatever you want to call it too! Big rack, broad shoulders, narrower hips, and a full waist. I also love sewing. I am so glad I found your blog, I have been scrolling through it today and think you look great in your projects. Those of us with less-traditional measurements need to stick together and share tips and tricks with our fitting and sewing. It helps us know that it is possible to create things that look great. Keep it up!

  6. Thanks Kate, glad you stopped by and hope you stay for a while!