Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Haberdash, a Give-A-Way!


(The ball of elastic is the draw-string type, perfect for yoga pants. Not shown, black 1inch wide elastic)

(There's two yards of the black lace and a couple of the gold)

Hello! This is a little later than I expected, but here it is. I have a plethora of notions and other haberdashery taking up space in my house. I'm going to give some of it away! There's some zippers, elastics of various types (including lingerie elastic), and a bit of trim and appliqué lace.

What to do? Follow me and comment on this post. Or if you already do then just leave a comment. And if you want to tell all your friends, point them in this direction and ask them to leave a comment. You have until Midnight on May 5th. (Cinco de Mayo!)

I may even throw in a vintage pattern. Possibly some vintage buttons, too. And stay tuned, my 40's dress is a hem away from being done and then its off to take some photos!

Stay Fab!


  1. I keep forgetting to google follow people since I got my RSS reader set up! Ok, I'm on there now. (and why doesn't google friend connect sync with google reader? Possibly I am technologically incompetent?)

    Anyway, count me in! Those are some gorgeous laces, and who could turn down zippers? :D

  2. All very useful, count me in :)

  3. I would love to enter this giveaway! Looks Fab! x

  4. Count me in! I have several posts planned for upcoming days. I'll slide the mention into one of them. :-)

  5. count me in. great stuff. I am a follower.

  6. Sounds wonderful! But the only think I would want is that triangle thing of black lace to have it made into the upper-back or decolatage of a spring/summer 'bubble' blouse. If it's for it all, then please don't count me =D

  7. lovely giveaway. I just saw your 40s dress on flickr, it's lovely. I love the red details.