Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Serger Tip with a side helping of The Beatles.

Hello! I know I have been missing in action (or possibly just content) for a week now, hope you'll forgive me! I thought I'd share a little piece of info I picked up a while ago and has made me and my serger get along so much nicer these days.

Its a little cheat on re-threading if you aren't one of those ever-so-lucky people to have a self-threading one. First thing you do is cut the thread from the currently used spools, leaving yourself a good long tail.

Then, you take the new color and tie it in a square knot to the tails of the old color. This works best if you use a square knot. Then you set all your tension dials to ZERO. This is a rather important step because otherwise your thread might break while pulling it through.

Slowly and gently start pulling the thread. I've had to untangle it from the sharp bits before. Of course you want to have the machine turned off/unplugged when you do this. I don't always, but I like to live dangerously.

And that's it, pretty simple, yes? I haven't gotten much sewing done but I have been able to tackle parts of the huge pile of mess my house had become while I was trying to help my parents settle things. And plan birthday parties. And take care of issues with kids' school. And the extra work load at work.. and and and.

I'm working on an outfit for my daughter. Trying to get it done before this Saturday. So in the mean time, here's a song to help sooth and calm everyone's frazzled nerves.

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