Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I Did (or need to do) Instead of Sewing

First! And most importantly, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Because a Mom that sews is an awesome Mom. (i'm not just talking about myself, either)

First thing I did was snoopervise my husband and roommate putting together our new bed frame. Which was immediately tested out by my daughter, as evidence shows below. Also in evidence is a dire need of new curtains. Much like the fact our mattress was on one of those stupid metal frames that come with the bed for the last 10 years, those curtains were made by my mother about as long ago. Maybe its time I moved up in the world. And not just a couple more feet off the floor.

So that was that, and also keeping me from sewing is this mess:
(My attempt to organize things that don't actually have a home)

And this pile of unopened mail:
(I'm sure there's forgotten bills in there somewhere. But obviously not the important ones cause none of my utilities have been shut off. Or my internet... And I still have a roof over my sewing machine.)

Other fun things include having gone to see Thor: The First Avenger (AAAWESOME!) and the brakes going out on one of the cars and a dead battery on the other. Wait, that second thing was 'fun' not FUN. Yeah, you get the difference.

And I have to go back to work tomorrow, it being Monday and all. I don't really want to. We just have a "REORG" and there's all these "managing change" back patting and [we're sorry, the rest of this sentence has been deleted due to the 'save lady k's job text editor' brain software kicking in]. Dang.

Oh, and I have to make birthday invites for my daughter's BD party. We're doing a Mad Hatter Tea Party. I need to make her something fun to wear. And I think I shall pursue the shorts too.

OK, that's all from me for now. Later gators!

p.s. I need a webcam before I can jump on the Tanit-Isis bandwagon of dialect filming. So you are safe... for now.

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