Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Which I Wear Horizontal Stripes.

SO this is what I would have been sporting had I made it to Oona's Birthday Bash! (I'd probably had snagged some moonshine from the brother-in-law's still while I was at it.)

I did it! I finished a dress! This is from the July 2011 BurdaStyle magazine and you can get the pattern here. To me it looked like the perfect summer dress for the days that make me scream "I'm MELTING I'M MELTING!!". Not quite so bad as Arizona, but bleh.

I'm really proud of how the binding detail on the front slit turned out. Click to embiggen!

I wish I had taken some pictures of the modification process. I might have but I don't know where they got off to. So the list of mods are:

1) Three inches to the bust. If this didn't have the giant slit down the front I would have added five. This also added inches to the waistline and length in the front.
2) Rounded shoulder/upper back adjustment. I work a computer job, forward shoulders are a work hazard.
3) Length and width in the back to accommodate my bodacious booty.
4) Omitted the pockets. The thing I want to put in my pocket most often is keys and phone. Pockets on these flimsy materials really just don't seem to work for something that heavy/bulky.

And this was all from a Burda size 44. And this is also my wearable muslin. I used fabric that came from Mom's stash eons ago. I'm sure its at least 20 years old. My only gripe is I put the elastic in a little too low for my taste and oh, don't mind the not-quite-matching stripes. This was not an easy one to match and I've never done it before. Ooops.

Mom Update: She's really not doing well at all. Any of the times I've gone to visit she's been sleeping and unable to be roused. The nurses tell me she has periods of being awake and talking, but somehow I keep missing them.


  1. Elizabeth,
    Your work is amazing. I love it.Dad

  2. I love it! It looks great AND super flattering! =D

  3. your dress is gorgeous! can we have an after party on my blog?

    i'm sorry to hear about the update-- i hope you & your family are doing as well as you can with these ups and downs.