Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swimming Holes and Mathematical Formulas

Look what I found.

Do you remember when you were younger hiking through the woods or on trails to find that summer swimming hole? It was cooler and there were less annoying people than the ones at the community pool, for sure.

I couldn't sleep yesterday. I mean, I got a small nap early in the morning and woke up around 10am. The husband asked me if I wanted to go ride bikes with them up at Red Top Mountain. I thought for a while and said I would, but I'd prefer to walk. So we made picnic lunches, grabbed our bikes and my camera and headed out. Both the lake near my house and the park have "designated beaches". They are always too full of people for me to ever feel comfortable. So in my walk I found the above inlet. We're going there next weekend early in the morning.

The nice thing is it tired me out enough to sleep when we got back home around 3pm. Oh the circadian rhythms of the graveyard shift.

I made about three yards of bias binding out of black silk. It turns out the sleeves I drafted do NOT look right. Too much poof. I'll go back to the hard way using this mathematical formula later. For now I'm just going to make it a tank. No pictures as of yet, but its a beautiful woven polkadot pattern.

(I call these two photos "Summer Freckles")


  1. Your kids are so adorable. I am definitely going to contact you the next time i visit my parents in ackworth - you seem to know all the best places to go!

  2. Farah, thank you so much! And if you are ever in Acworth, most definitely hit me up! Preferably after October because by then we might actually have the garage converted and the house re-organized. WOO! (sorry it took me so long to reply)