Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Status Update: Mom

So for those of you that were around way back when you may remember Mom had a bad turn and was on hospice. She came off for a while and was doing fairly well once we found her a decent nursing home. She went back on hospice for pain management last Friday and the day after I got back from camping I got a call from the nursing home. Mom's taken another turn for the worse again. She is barely responding to anything. Sometimes in the morning she will be responsive enough to drink some water. Everything points to a pulmonary embolism. Per her wishes we are not doing anything other than keep her comfortable and there is no telling if she'll come round or not.

Mom has been in so much pain for so long that I'm praying she goes peacefully in her sleep. The doctor's said she could be like this for days and its most likely her heart that will give out.

So later I'll try to be funny and cheerful. Today, I don't really have the strength of will.


  1. ~hugs~
    I hope she goes peacefully & as she would have wished. Not much else I can say really. x

  2. Oh no! hugs to you Elizabeth, I will be thinking of you and your family as you move through this difficult time.

  3. you be as non-cheerful as you want to be. i've dealt with hospice a couple times and it is about as far from easy as you can get, though the good people there do try their best to make it easy...

    many hugs and love flying your way from new york and i hope everything turns out peacefully.