Monday, April 30, 2012

And I was doing so well!

So, I had put myself on a voluntary fabric (and shoe) moratorium, telling myself that I NEEDED to use up much more of my stash before purchasing more fabric. And I was, until I realized that I didn't have any basic black in bottom weight fabric, which I need for my Business Wardrobe (more on that later). So, utilitarian purchase. But THEN... THEN... This happened:

Liberty of London
That's right. Liberty of London Tana Lawn with HELLO KITTY. OMG SQUEE!  I love it. I have at least four different things I can pair it with and at first glance it looks way more mature. I can totally see myself rocking this in a blouse at work with a smirk on my face. So I just dug into my "mad money" for two yards. Plenty for a blouse.

So where do you get this fabric? Well, its on pre-order at  So run over and put your order in now cause who knows if it will be in stock after the pre-sale.

Don't say I never did you any favors.


  1. Squee indeed!!! What a find - anything with Hello Kitty in it is soooo cute. And this is so subtle - adult fabric for sure. :D

  2. Wow! talk about high end patterned fabric.

    1. Yeah, Liberty of London fabric is like the difference between 200 count sheets and 800 count sheets. The quality difference and feel, not to mention the dye used is just superb in every way. I didn't believe it until I got to handle them myself on my NYC trip.

  3. Omg love love love!!! Hello Kitty is super awesome! :-)