Sunday, April 15, 2012

Polyester Princesses

Sorry, princess is in other castle.  (No, not my dress. This is Chinese  Cheap )

The awesome news: My first Spring Dress is almost done. I just have to add the scallop lace to the hem and the sleeves.  I was hoping to have it done in time for dinner with my husband's boss Saturday night (eight of us total. four adults, four kids).  I decided I wanted sleep instead and that turned out to be a good idea.  My daughter insisted on wearing her Easter dress and stole the whole show.  Except all the prom goers.  I swear there was an entire bus load of teenage girls in polyester ballgowns.  In fact, I saw a girl in THIS EXACT DRESS.  Now all the "Disney Princess" dresses I was seeing all over Pinterest finally make sense.  There was entire gaggle of them standing outside our table's window smoking cigarettes they are probably too young to buy.  Smoking Disney Princesses. Awesome.

And the thing the thing I just couldn't get over was how cheap  the dresses looked. I mean, yes, they were all shiny and  fluffy but the material and the embellishments screamed Chinese Sweat Shop Cheap. One girl kept pulling her strapless front up repeatedly.  I'm probably going to make my daughter's prom dress if she doesn't herself.   Not only that, she's gonna be a self rescuing princess.  She's gonna be a black belt before she's 10, ya know?

Needs sleeves and scallop lace. 
 Anyway.  Lets talk about MY dress for a moment. First off, this is like MY FAVORITE THING EVER that I've made. Its probably going to be up there with my black skirt and two silk camis on the amount of wear it will get.  I'll probably even wear it to work at least once a month.  Its very fitted, that's for certain.

Invisible zipper!
And this was my first ever invisible zipper on anything WITH LINING.  And check out the pattern placement.  Awesome right?  Also, its a full enough skirt I can wear a petticoat with it.  I just might.  In any case it will be done in time for this Saturday's Festival Going.  I have a cute pair of maryjane flats with a rose print.  I figure lace trimmed black socks and I'll be set for walking around all day!

Then its on to cutting out the gingham for the Maxi Sleeveless Version.


  1. Wow, that's lovely print! The kids always steal the show, sometimes it's best to just step back and let them do it. ;)

    Can't wait to see the modeled shots of your dress. I want to make myself a new spring dress so bad right now... I think I'm almost to the mental place where I can tackle it. Almost.

    Funny, we were at one of the big malls around here over Easter and there was a whole store of insanely-over-the-top polyester formal gowns. And I just couldn't quite get into them. Like you said, cheap looking.

    That being said, there were some poly-chiffon crazy things at Laura that made me wish I had a prom to go to... Tyo (who is graduating gr. 6 this year, which is the last year of Elementary in these parts) did *not* want me to make her grad dress. But says she does want me to make her gr. 12 dress. We'll see what she thinks in six years or so... ;)

    1. Thanks! I've been sitting on this fabric for over a year with this exact dress in mind. I want really nice photos for the blog but I've been camera shy of late. Too much stress eating >.<

  2. okay, you used magic on that pattern placement, right?

  3. Ha! Magic wielding princess? Or queen, considering your daughter is a princess? I hope we'll get to see you in that dress, floral shoes and all. :-)

    1. Don't know about the princess part, but thanks. :)

  4. You're so right about the Chinese polyester look. At the moment I am reading a book about how fabrics and garments are made, and I'm becoming more and more sensitive to that - it doesn't only look cheap, but it's made by workers on starvation wages and the fabric is just so bad for the environment it's incredible! And yet so many people find it pretty enough to buy, that's sad.