Sunday, July 1, 2012

Braving the Heat!

Yesterday, since I needed to go downtown to Gail K's for foundation fabrics (batiste, organza, etc), I woke my husband up early and said "Lets go to Fernbank while we're at it! Planetarium is free today!".  Given it was 8am I had to convince him this was a great idea. We ended up having breakfast at the Landmark Diner since the fabric store doesn't open till 10am.  Unfortunately, we missed the first planetarium showing and the next one wasn't until 1:30pm and by noon I was asleep on my feet. That's like midnight for me! I'm getting old.  We promised a trip back another time to the kids. We did get to see the Apollo Six landing pod and Simon was all about that. I mentioned his Grandpa (my Dad) worked at NASA for a while but I can't remember if it was the Voyager (which just left our solar system!!) or the Apollo missions.

My absolute favorite shoes, too.
Anywho, I wore my newly finished Simplicity 2369 wrap dress (don't worry, I brought a change of sensible shoes) and despite it being a poly blend of some sort it was not bad even in the 100F weather. I tried to get good photos but most off them weren't even rescueable with photoshop.  This photo is just to prove I actually finished it.  Oh, bonus!  The lady that rang me up at Gail K's recognized the fabric, as I bought it there, and complimented me on the dress. That made me happy. :)

Later I'll have updates on the other projects and my husband the fabric enabler. I know right, who'dathunk?


  1. LOVE IT!! You do such beautiful work. It's a shame that going professional is so time-and-money consuming to start up....

  2. Looks hot to me :) Great dress!