Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I'm back! We had a total blast, too. I hafta say that vacationing with kids is exhausting. I probably got more exercise in one week than the last three months combined, though I blame some of that on not one, but two major falls making ignoring the pain hard.  I took a good number of photos but I tried to focus more on just being there in the moment than capturing it on film.  There was beach combing, bike rides, sand castles, water park,  and horse back riding.  We even managed to squeeze in the newest Spider Man movie, which was pretty darn good. I also did some antiquing and found some pretty awesome items.

 And I have photos of the "cheater dress".  Felicity wore it almost the entire time we were there. I had to wash it after she dumped chocolate all over it and it shrunk.  Cause I didn't prewash when I made the dress the day before leaving. WOOPS.  Since I don't like how the me-sized one worked out I'll just wash it then make another one for Felicity. I expect she'll live in it this summer.  I'll probably go back and get a yard of every other color and make more because it ends up being about eight bucks a dress and I can't buy them that cheap and that well made at the store.  Win-Win.  Coincidentally, my favorite photos of Felicity this vacation are her in the dress.  WOO.

Taken on St. Simon's Island

criss cross back straps


  1. She looks beautiful! Glad you had a great vacation. :)

  2. I would LOVELOVELOVE more pics of the trip, for my --stalking-- er... "my family" folder! And for picture frames!
    I'm glad things seem to have gone well and you seem to have enjoyed yerself despite some setbacks (incl. pain). *hug* Love you and your family! Thank you for the generosity of allowing me to recuperate in your home while you were out of town, as well! It was comfortable [moreso because I'm familiar with it] and B did a wonderful job of caring for me and keeping me on the path of healing!