Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fuzzy Cam

I was trying to get  nicely setup family portraits while on vacation,  took my tripod with me, setup at the beach at sunset... all that. But unbeknownst to me, the focus went out of whack when I set the auto-timer.  I didn't think to check cause I was exhausted and on lots of pain medication I'm derpy like that. But I couldn't resist these two cause the blue gingham dress has turned into one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES and well,  the family photo just speaks volumes.

Oh yeah, and I have a big (for me) announcement coming up later today.

Star Trek Fuzzy Cam!

Yeah, we're like that.
Sometime later I'll tell you how my husband shocked the mess out of me coming home with a mohawk.


  1. Hah, what a brilliant family photo! Love it!

    Loving the dress as well - I can see why it's become a favourite. :-)

  2. Love that family photo! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. They're great photos! I'd be shocked if my Husband came home with a Mohawk too... I vividly remember the evening I walked in and he'd peroxided his hair. Part of my reaction was to laugh I'm afraid... He hasn't done it since, but that was getting on for 15 years ago!

  4. Great pictures. I love your dress and your daughter's too.