Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Mini-Vacation and Other Things

So my little boy turned 12 this past weekend and I'm pouty because he's growing up so fast. But, then on the other hand, I'm proud that he's turning into a fine person, though I'm a bit biased.  The friends we went to stay with in north Georgia live WAAAY out in the country. Like, we have to go down a few dirt roads to get there. They have this huge house that is labyrinth like and sectioned in a way that two families can (and do) easily live there. D (we will call her) parents had bought the land and build the house over many years. In fact, its still a work in progress and what is done is just beautiful. And they also have three horses, four dogs, four cats (possibly more?), and numerous types of nut and fruit trees. And NO CELL SIGNAL.
They have DSL but it can be cranky when 8 people are all trying to connect with wifi on their phones so it was often a game of "Who's got the best connection now". So that, plus the fact that I brought the full memory card for my DSLR is why I have next to no pictures of this place.

So anyway. D has been friends with my husband longer than I've known him, and while we consider her and her family like our family, we lost touch with her. The reasons are unimportant, its just so wonderful to have them all back in our life. They invited us to come out and spend the night after our first dinner date, so we went out this weekend for Simon's birthday. Ds sister made gluten free Portal cupcakes. And well, here's a photo that just kinda sums everything up nicely.

And yes, that is Derpy and Dr. Whooves. D's sister has a little girl that is the same age as S&F's baby cousin. Because they usually help their grandma with babysitting they are more than adept to keeping small kids occupied and mostly out of trouble. D's sister was beside herself as she's completely unaccustomed to her daughter not constantly wanting attention from her.  She wants us to come visit with the kids more often. I told her I'd be more than happy to do that.

D also had me go over a costuming project with her. She hasn't sewn anything from a pattern in over a decade and she chose this one:  McCall's 6818   We laughed over the fact that of course she would pick something a bit ambitious out of the starting gate. Though I'm excited to help. :) I was hoping to help more while there but I've been fighting a massive UTI and diverticulosis flair up so I spent a lot of time laying down.

Oh, the other thing that happened was one of their succulent plants had its yearly bloom. It was a big deal because you can sit and watch the flower quiver as it opens. The kids were in awe, checking on it every 2 minutes or so (because kids don't sit still very well).

Night Blooming Cereus.
D's Mom picked it and brought it downstairs where we were going over some sewing books. Felicity was sad "I wanted it to fill the room with wonderful smells while I slept" she told me. :)

So, other things. I um. I acquired a lot of fabric recently because #sewcialists are a bunch of enablers. And then Sewaholic released a pattern I had to have. You should buy it too. Then I bought By Hand London's Victoria blazer, and Cake's Hummingbird pattern.

At some point I'll actually sew things. Well I have sewn things! But I haven't blogged any of them. Another pair of Clovers, a few Renfrews, and a Raglan T/Skaterdress hack I made for my daughter, complete with sparkly kitty iron on. I'm sure there was something else but I can't remember right now.

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