Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Raglan Skater Dress

So y'all know the Skater Dress from KitchyCoo  first debuted for girls, and I really love it. One problem, it was just a little too small for Felicity. Then the Lady Skater debuted (I've made THREE! Will blog later) and its for teens too. But it was too big, except for the skirt. So I had a lightbulb moment. I decided to take her favorite raglan t-shirt pattern and hack it off at high-waist height and add the skater skirt. I had to cut the size 3 and then shorten the size one length by two inches.  It seems Viking Mom has had a Viking Daughter.

DO NOT be fooled by this adorableness. She's a bruiser when you make her mad. 

Thus, the raglan skater dress was born. It suits her broad shoulders very well and I may have to create my own hack for this too. This was the test run made out of a thick cotton/poly jersey blend that I inherited from Mom's stash. I had a moment when I remembered I was suppose to help Mom cut a dress out of this fabric for her and it sparked a short crying fit. But my family and the #sewcialists pointed out using it this way would make her happy. Especially with the added iron-on kitty bling. I'd had the iron-on for so long I forgot where it came from.

Hello Kitty!
See? The iron on gives it just a tiny bit of visual interest. Tractor and farm cats help too. I should mention we took these photos up at my friend D's place. They have lots of animals as D's Mom (its a multi-generation house) rescues animals. Anyway.

The great thing about the Skater Dress is that its perfect for active girls that like to wear dresses. Make it out of a durable washable fabric and you have a play dress you make up from cut to finish in an hour. No joke! Its no wonder these are so popular, it really is a great pattern for a sewing quickie. 


climbing tractor

Lets see, how high is this?

Watch this!

"Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuses" - Robert Heinlein

Lets give horses apple treats!

Ooof, sour apples are sour. Good thing horses like them!

Jump for joy!!
And there you have it. I'd say she's pretty happy with the dress.


  1. It seems my granddaughter loves the farm, the animals, the tractor, and the great outdoors. Oh yeah! she loves the dress too. I'm a proud grandpa.

  2. I love the happy happy photos. And the dress.

  3. Your daughter looks like she's having the best time in this dress. I'm sure that would have made your mom really happy. Also thumbs up for glitter kitty iron-ons!

  4. I *thought* that dress looked like something you would make. The kitty totally pushed me into thinking it was rtw, though.

    Completely en pointe for her age group and kid fashion in general right now, plus a thorough classic.

  5. Cute dress for a cute girl! Great job on the hack! (She looks so much like her mom.) =)

    ~ Brooke

  6. Very cute dress!! Looks adorable on her. And, two paws up from Kitty, who adores the iron on bling kitty!!