Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heads Up Fashion

You know, I've read a few things about Diane von Furstenberg lately that make me like her as a person. And I usually like at least one or two of her pieces, but the spring line pushed my nerd button because she featured none other than Google Glass, the heads up display glasses right out of science fiction.

Really, it was pure ingeniousness on her part.  Forbes has a great article on the collaboration that you can read in full here. But the most exciting part is this:

Apparently she and Brin met at a conference this summer and figured they should push fashion and tech further into the future. Indeed, DVF clothing is strongly feminine, always refined, and the models who wore the glasses in pink and white versions pulled it off with aplomb. (Some wore glasses that recorded the whole show, and the footage will be made into a short film available at on Thursday.)

You can watch the show from the model's perspective. HOW FREAKIN' COOL IS THAT??


  1. That is pretty cool; I think that model pulls it off.

  2. OMG YES. I told my boyfriend that the main technology piece that I want to own in the next five years is these glasses. What a fabulous collaboration!