Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tim Gunn's New Book

‎"I love the word "fashion."That's why I'm using it in the title of this book. Fashion is about change and about creating clothes within a historical context. To me, dissmissing fashion as silly or unimportant seems like a denial of history and frequently a show of sexism - as if something that's traditionally a concern of women isn't valid as a field of academic inquiry." - Tim Gunn in "Fashion Bible"
I just bought this in the kindle version and I'm still in the introduction. And I'm in love with it. If you haven't yet, GET THIS BOOK!  I can already tell it will be amazing. Also, he touches on a subject which I recently read an essay on about 19th century feminism and fashion and how they are linked.  Expect this to be a blog post soon. In the mean time, read a book!


  1. Sounds great. I had no idea it existed, so even better :)

  2. I did fashion history for my degree and he is totally right! Enjoy x