Friday, September 21, 2012

Shopping List or To Do List?

atom slicer
I can't help but think this strange bit of paper has something to do with my kids' current Minecraft obsession. I caught my daughter in the ipconfig file of my husband's computer and was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!".

She huffs and says "Building a multiplayer server, of course."

Oh yes, of course, what was I thinking, silly Mom.  Sheesh.  Don't I know anything? But all that came out of my mouth was "Do you know the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?"  The discussion got weirder from there. My nine year old now knows more about internet protocol than the average person on the street. Not that she really cares, she just wants me to play with her.  I told her only if there are zombie squirrels. (That mask still has sunglasses on.  Maybe I'll decorate him for Christmas, it will go well with my Portal Tree.)


  1. What a wonderful, zany life you lead... I like it!

  2. My daughter and her friends are a constant source of delight. I have got to make me one of those Portal Christmas Trees. Talk about confusing Santa!