Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Imitating Art

Avengers as Gowns by Kelsey Michele

You know why sewing geeks are awesome? Because they take the above photo, and do this:

Avengers Evening Gowns at Dragon*Con Assemble

So, I'm thinking of doing Black Widow (third in from the left in top photo) next year. Hell, I want to make that even if I don't go. 

As a side note, these lovely ladies were part of the Costuming Track, and did a fashion show in which I modeled for my friends at Wolfhome Adventuring. There's a pic of me in a kimono on my facebook page during the con, but I wore a steampunk outfit of their's in the show.  Photos of me in the fashion show have yet to surface.

This also leads me into another thing.  I was thinking of doing a whole month dedicated to costuming, as I have some awesome peeps I can interview on the subject.  However, Peter of Male Pattern Boldness beat me to it, and now he'll probably think I'm copying him or something.

But I'm game to do that if ya'll are interested. You know how much I love costumes.