Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Donna Karan "Make This Look"

Net-A-Porter $600 smackers
Really it was serendipity that I got a wild hair and decided to attempt my own version of the blouse. I mean seriously, 600 for THAT?  I used two different Simplicity patterns.  One for the cowl, and one for the sleeves.  I figured if most of the designs are based off the same block the sleeves can't have much difference.  I did a measurement of the armhole and the sleeve cap and was quite right! There was really only about an inch difference which was easy to gather and ease into the cap. It gave me some more wiggle room in the shoulders.  I also added an inch of width to the arms, cause well, all that wood chopping as a teenager.  The main blouse was from Simplicity 2345, view A. And the sleeve from Simplicity 2181 view B. Since the blouse was drafted for a 1.5 inch ease in the bust I had to add 4 inches total.  I'll be posting about a cowl FBA later.

I really like how it turned out but because I chose a deep deep black rayon knit it is super hard to get it to show up.  I have to wear a cami underneath to make it "Corporate Friendly".  It gets the "husband seal of approval" for sexy factor (more so without cami).  I think it would be a bit more modest on its own had I actually read the instructions first and assembled it as written. OOPS. Oh well. I still love it!  I'm gonna make more, totally.

Fabric: Rayon/lycra knit from Fabric Mart 1.99 yard (clearance!)
Patterns: Simplicity 2181, 2345 (on sale, about $4)
Notions: None
Time to Complete: Including the pattern drafting, about 6 hours, another one would probably take two.
First Worn: January 21rst!
Wear Again: absolutely!
Total Cost: $9  (not counting time and effort, of course)

Click on picture for more detail,
please excuse cat dish in background.
 Here it is paired with some Michael Kors black pinstripe trousers. My friend Amanda scored these at a thrift store and then gave them to me when she realized they were waaaay too long on her. This is the length AFTER hemming them two inches. I love them with my red patent heals.

The back, let me show you it.
After taking these and the photos of my dancing dress I've decided I still haven't gotten the hang of indoor photography. I'll figure it out soon.  Also, my floor isn't really that spotless. I have three cats, two kids, and two men living in my house, so hooray for photoshop! I've been promised bamboo flooring when the kids are in high school. And a jacuzzi. I'm holding him to the jacuzzi.

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