Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The ONLY blatant activism I'll ever post, because its IMPORTANT.

if you are in the US, have you heard of SOPA?  Or PIPA?  If not, you need to know.  If these two pieces of legislation pass they could forever alter the way we share information and creativity on the internet.  I work in this industry and I've read a number of papers on what the proposed legislation would do. In laymen's terms, it would drastically reduce internet security and do nothing to actually stop piracy. Not to mention this:

Go here:  to write your congress representatives and tell them you DO NOT support this legislation.  And if you don't live in this country, its still bad because, guess what? Most of your content is hosted here.  There are places around the net that will allow you to add your name to a petition. And the above link also has instructions.

As an aside, your letter has more weight if you fax it in. is free for one or two pages.

You might notice some of your favorite sites go dark today. This is why. Now, go do your civic duty so we can keep pinning stuff that inspires us and making jokes about Twilight, k?

Edited In:  Another Video explaining how this effects you.

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