Monday, January 16, 2012


The Classic Pose
I finished the blouse! Well almost. I still have to overcast three seams on the inside. But other than that it is DONE and I'm very happy.  I feel like I leveled up or something. I really should be asleep right now cause I have to work tonight but my stupid internal clock is working against me. So I took photos and edited and put them up here for your viewing pleasure.

Relaxing and reading in five inch heals. 
The buttons on the back of the blouse are vintage glass. I dug them out of my mother-in-law's massive box of buttons some time ago.  And in taking photos I realized I tilt my head a lot.

This photo is to show off my Grandmother's brooch. Its a Phoenix, which is awesome.


Or not. I dunno.  They aren't my favorite, but whatever. I FINISHED THE BLOUSE. Its so pretty and sumptuous. I'm wearing it with my finished wool circle skirt. Its finally cold enough to wear that thing, too.  I like it together with my corset belt. It makes it feel more modern to me. Anyway. Bed. LATER!


  1. The blouse is just fabulous, and the skirt is super awesome. I also love the accessories (belt, brooch, earrings, tights, heels)

    Meanwhile, in other new, it got dang cold here finally, eh? It makes me envy the heck out of that skirt.

  2. Awesome! I have the little Super Mario "you've finished the level!" music in my head now.

    I love both pieces with that wide belt, it really works for you. :)

    1. My roommate has Super Mario as his ring tone.

      And thanks. I have a sense of accomplishment.