Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Facing the Interfacing Question

The sewing bug is back. I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to fuss with it, but its definitely occupying a large portion of my idle brain processes so that's good. I think the progress on decluttering/cleaning (more to come on that!) is helping a lot. SO! This particular separates set idea bit me a while ago. In fact, I've had the blouse cut out as long as the Clovers. Its a Colette Sencha in blue silk and a blue and white houdstooth circle skirt in Shetland wool.

Letting it hang so the bias stretch will do its thing.
Please excuse the wonky lining. It will be getting the whack-fu after it hangs for a bit and settles out. I will probably also have to use the great shrinking properties of wool and steam irons, as the waist is about an inch too big.

Circled area is the un-mitered corner.
 The Sencha is such a delicate fabric that I decided I wanted to take my time with it and add some couture touches.  So far I did a bias binding on the neck which I sewed closed by hand.  I still need to interface the self-facing but I don't want to use iron on interfacing. I have some relatively stable silk organza in skin tones, though if I had been thinking I'd have sewn that on before doing the bias binding.  Since I haven't mitered the ends, maybe I could un-pick them and do that, then redo them? Any tips would be great.  Also, any tips on doing the mitering of the corners would be awesome too. Though I think Miss Lauren on Wearing History just did a series on bias facings/bindings.  I should try re-reading those. Still, advise welcome here!

That's it for now.  And one last photo where I show off my hand-stitching. I'm quite proud of it!

Click to Embiggen
Next up, waistbands, horsehair braid hems, and buttonholes. What are you working on?


  1. Zounds! Looks good. I don't feel like I have the patience/attention span for handwork right now. Someday when I'm feeling more relaxed about life in general...

    For the skirt, will you add a grosgrain or twill-tape to the waist once you get it shrunk in, to keep it there?

  2. Oh, hey, good point. Though I was hoping that sewing it to the interfaced waistband would do the trick.

  3. "It will be getting the whack-fu "


    your handstitching is mind blowing!