Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rock Star Couture

First of all! Welcome all the new people that have found me.  Nice to meet you and welcome to my little corner of insanity.  I actually have some cool posts coming up about recent things I've made, even a tutorial! WOO!

So, I have to  confess that Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my favorite designers out there. And not just cause he designed all the costumes for The Fifth Element.  No, he's totally a rebel. His spring couture show just made me all kinds of happy and I kept envisioning which rock star would wear what look. Apparently this was his homage to Amy Winehouse. (all photos from

This screams Paloma Faith!
Katie Perry!


But then there were some that had my name ALL OVER them. I've decided that the color of the year for those of us that can't wear orange is High Tech Blue.

ME! Or Lady Gaga. This made my inner Goth go Squee!

But this one:  

This one is ALL MINE.


  1. I'm going to fight you for the electric blue dress and purple jacket thing. You're going DOWN.

    1. CAGE MATCH!!! LOL, how about instead when I find the fabric I just clue you in. ;)

  2. Hehe, sounds like a smashing idea! I wasn't really keen on breaking any nails anyway... But one does what one must.