Monday, August 13, 2012

OH Hey, Guess What?

Hey guys, it looks like Mood has rolled out their revamped website.  Or at least updated it because it seems waaaay more user friendly than it did before.  Go check it out here.

In other news, we've got financing lined up for my new HVAC system.  Talk about NOT CHEAP!  My husband convinced me to go with full upgrade that was an extra 2 grand because, as he so wisely pointed out, we're not planning on moving anytime before we finish paying the mortgage (15 years, after refinancing and STILL paying less. SCORE! We apparently qualified for the 'underwater' refinance terms laid out by the current administration).  Not to mention its got humidity control and that will help protect all my vintage patterns and expensive fabrics. And we found someone to do the yard.  My entire household loathes yard work (except me, but I can't do any), so my compromise was pay for monthly work and everyone doubles efforts INSIDE the house.

And if they don't I start changing the wi-fi password and not telling them what it is until its done. And password protecting all the computers.


  1. I like the way you think, Lady K.
    I'm off to check out the supposedly new and improved mood. They better have a freakin non-cave-man-days payment system for international fabric-luster-after-ers like me.

    1. They do not! PHOEY! There are a couple other sites that do, have you checked them out at all?

    2. Nah-uh, they do so. Last time I tried ordering from Mood (a mere 2 months ago) they would not process my Australian credit card without me CALLING them during THEIR business hours. That just happens to be when I'm happily in the land of nod, and they wouldn't change this process, even after me emailing as asking if there was any alternative to this. What part about that is totally not cave-man days?
      I'm a regular shopper at other US online sites and they are super friendly to international buyers. I LURVE buying fabric online, so Mood is seriously missing out by alienating their aussie fans. :(

    3. Oh, I was agreeing with you. I had to run and check right after you mentioned that and it said no international shipping. It made me sad.

      That said, they have some designer pieces I'm coveting. Leh Sigh.

    4. hehe... oops. I'm famous for being immune to sarcasm. Or possibly I'm just a wee bit thick! It makes me sad, too :(
      leh sigh indeed!!!

  2. You are so cunning! Happy it all worked out for you!