Saturday, August 4, 2012

Productive Procrastination

The hitch I ran into yesterday with the dress design kinda threw me into a melancholy state.  Then yesterday was Simon's birthday and we went out boating again. So far this week I've walked, did pilates, and swam.  Then I rearranged my sewing/craft area to open up the room and make all the things more accessible. Now I'm considering going to the flea market down the road in a bit.  In any case, no sewing.  So here's a photo of a sleeping kitty in my lap.


  1. Naaaaw cute kitty! Sounds like you've had a relaxing weekend really, I hope that you overcome your hitch soon, sometimes just pondering is the best thing!

    1. Thanks, its been somewhat stressful for other reasons but all is well that ends well. And I believe I have the design hitch figured out.