Sunday, August 5, 2012

Promballoona: The Payback Edition

I hopped in the stretch limo to Kalkatroona land and shared what every nerdy outcast dreams about doing, paying back those bullies!  Head on over and share in the fun and cocktails. I'm drinking wine.


In other news, I had hoped to get the skirt portion traced and cut this evening but I received news that my last living grandparent, my Grandfather, just passed away. My apologies for the happy* and sad in the same post but I didn't really feel like separating out the two. As you can imagine, I just wasn't feeling the sewing bug tonight.  I did a bunch of cooking instead, test run some ideas I had using what my farm share has provided. If its turns out well I'll share, k?

In the meantime do me a favor and go give everyone you love a hug. Or send them a card in the mail with warm thoughts.  Its sucks to regret not corresponding with them more often.

*I have many other reasons to count my blessings and find happy things in life.  My Grandfather was in his 90's and had a long full life.  I was not terribly close but this is one of those things that marks how time passes.  His passing was quick and peaceful and he was happy up until the end.

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  1. Ah, that crazy limo :D

    It sounds like your grandfather went with peace and dignity, which is as much as any of us can hope for. My father's grandfather died this past spring. They weren't very close, but yeah, really makes me want to visit my grandmothers and never leave.