Sunday, August 5, 2012

Striking Similarities: Vintage vs. Modern

Whenever one discusses fashion the term "cyclical" comes up a lot.  And I'm sure we could come up with any number of other idioms.  Honestly, designers will often go back in time for inspiration.  And here I have an example of just how uncannily similar it sometimes gets.

Take this 1930's DuBarry pattern available on Etsy here. Its a pretty nice design with princess seams and butterfly sleeves that are sewn into those princess seams.  When I saw it however, I remembered another pattern in my stash.

Laura Ashley from McCall's M6277.  The similarities are striking. The princess seams, the inseam butterfly sleeves.  With a bit of creativity and experience it wouldn't be hard to add length and flare to the skirt, not to mention drafting the bow. And lets also mention this is one of those multi-cup size patterns which makes the fitting that much easier.

I found the vintage DuBarry while combing through all the 1930's patterns available out there for my own inspiration.  I really wanted my gown to fit into the era that DieselPunk takes place in.  If you haven't heard of DieselPunk, that's ok, its not a huge draw yet and is mostly popular with the men-folk.  Its that Era from WWI to the end of WWII and often associated with "alternate history" or "Weird War II" fiction.  Given my love of Science and Technology History I have a bit of a love affair with this sub-genre of cyberpunk.

Have you stumbled upon strikingly similar vintage and modern patterns?


  1. OK, add an underbust seam and some front gathering, and you have the blue 70s dress/tunic I made a little while ago! Which doesn't surprise me, either, there are lots of 30s elements in 70s dresses. And I bought an 80s vogue a while back that I swear looks early 20s. But this one you highlight is uncanny :)

    Dieselpunk, eh? Just what I need, another distraction.... :)

    1. Aren't you suppose to be writing a dissertation? Nothing like packing for a move and fantasy worlds to procrastinate creatively!!

  2. What goes around... comes around. I've come across a few that have made me do a double take to check and make sure I'm actually seeing what I'm seeing. But I don't recall any specific examples... I do love how 1930's patterns are really good at showing body proportions - but that's probably because I'm broad shouldered so naturally I identify with those ladies!