Sunday, August 19, 2012


So. Lets talk about shoes for a minutes. See these shoes that I'm wearing up above?  They are my ABSOLUTE favorite shoes and, much like Gertie and her green clogs, I am totally convinced they go with everything.  Well... almost. Anyway.  These shoes were not cheap, even though I got them 60% off the original price I still paid $90 plus shipping.

But you know what? I'm ok with that. Why? Because I plan on passing these down to my grand-kids, they are just that awesome.  They are by American shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell, and made with great quality materials here in the U.S. of A.  Which is somewhat of a white buffalo these days. And you may wonder why I'm posting about this? Well, part of is that I never in my life would have believed I'd become as much of a shoe addict as I have.  For a while there I was even smitten with ShoeDazzle.  But then I realized they wanted you to buy a pair a month.  I was sucked in for a bit before realizing that their products do not stand the test of time. In fact, they fall right under the "fast fashion" umbrella. And if you've read "Overdressed" then you know this is not a good thing.  Also,  WTF am I going to do with 12 pairs of shoes a year???  Editing ones wardrobe is much more sensible in this case.

Also, if there's anything that having a serious back injury has taught me, its never buy cheap shoes. Never. Don't do it.  The last pair of shoes I bought that I paid less than $40 for were the ones I was wearing when I slipped and busted my ass in the restaurant.  Those suckers were in the trash faster than you can say H&M.

So what's going on in my life, other than a shoe obsession? Well, my first sewing class went well even though I was pretty disorganized.  Teaching is hard, yo!  But hey, we learn by doing, right?  At least I always have. The second half is next Friday and I even managed to send out a little tutorial for "homework". Oh! AND! Our new HVAC system is finally in after the two guys worked THIRTEEN HOURS to get it in.  I felt so bad for them, I brought them drinks and food and generally tried to be supportive.  Also, the younger of the two was a total cutie pie.

So, that's that.  Now here's the fabric for the 70's dress and the two shoes I was considering.  It looks like the red ones are getting the vote, though.

And one last thing, I totally got the name of this post from the video.  It contains (bad) cross-dressing and swearing so don't click if those things offend you. I think its pretty hysterical, but my sense of humor is questionable.


  1. I tried showing my boyfriend that sketch. He was unimpressed, most likely because when it comes to humour I have the sophistication of a toddler. BUT HEY! I like it! As for shoes. I vote red, but I want the purple ones - where'd you get them?!

    1. I get almost all my shoes from, including all the ones pictured here.

  2. I totally knew where you got it from; I haven't seen that vid in ages!! lol! Love the shoes, too; having a few amazing pairs of shoes is definitely worth the investment! :)

  3. That video is one of my favorite internet videos of all time. I cannot pass by shoe stores without saying OMG SHOES. Those shoes are stunning - I vote for the red!!!