Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Dress Kawaii!!

Hi y'all. Miss me? I know, I've been absent from bloglandia of late but for good reason. I've been trying to get my health in order. If you follow me on the numerous social media sights you might have heard me complain a bit about it. So these photos are to make up for that. And because you knew this wig had to come out again eventually.

This is Simplicity 2369 and its the third one I've made. I put up a single photo of the first one last summer and never got around to taking more photos. Its view C but with B length dress.  This is the perfect pattern for hourglasses and insane prints. And as it turns out this dress is a serious conversation starter for geeks. If I wear it out for errands its like "OMG, she's one of US and I can talk to her and not sound crazy!".  Which happened to me after this photo session when I ran to the grocery store. Ten minutes after checking out I was still talking to the clerk about Dragon*Con.

somone's gonna get it

I totally used my daughter's room for these photos. I confess I cropped out part of a bed and some dirty clothes. 

This is my pimp hat.
Because everyone needs a purple velvet pimp hat with leopard trim.

More bitchy resting face. 
I'm totally going to use this as my profile picture now.

Pattern: Simplicity 2369
Fabric: From its an ITY knit I bought a couple years ago for about 2.99 a yard. I used about 2ish so four dollars.
Time: Oh, I dunno. I cut it out in an hour one day and then sewed it up in about three a week or so later. Ok, that's a lie. I spent about four hours one evening trying to get the cover stitch to work on this fabric. It wouldn't. And the next day I couldn't get a double needle to work. This fabric DOES NOT LIKE TOPSTITCHING. Which is also why I  didn't bother hemming it. Fortunately, it ain't raveling.

Who me?

Hope you love it as much as I do! XOXO

Thursday, July 4, 2013