Tuesday, October 29, 2013


You know, with all my talk of conventions and cool costumes and that you'd think I'd be going all out for Halloween. The truth is, we just tend to recycle costumes that were made for the nerd events. My family?

We're kinda like that. TRICK OR TREAT.

Oh, also. Don't Blink.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Do You Wear To an MRI?

Hi there, how are you? Me, well, its been an interesting ride.

When in doubt, wear red. - Bill Blass (or Coco Chanel)

I made this dress a while ago but I figured, in the spirit of Sew Red October, I would take photos of it now. I love this dress, but not because I think its extremely flattering. Its Simplicity 2369, the third one I've made. The other two were a poly/lycra blend that's much better at not showing all your lumps and bumps but this one is a bamboo rayon. What I love about it is the color, the soft drape-y scrumptious feeling on my skin, and the color. Did I mention I love the color?

But about the title. The last six months since admitting to myself that I needed to take control of my health my life has been full of doctor visits, tests, sleeplessness, exhaustion, and painful epiphanies of how much I really can do in any given day. In there somewhere was having to go for an MRI with contrast. That meant no metal, easy to get to my arm for blood pressure and IV, easy to slip off shoes, and no jewelry. What I'm wearing here is how I'd wear it out, or add a slip and pantyhose for work, but for the MRI I wore flats and left all valuables at home. But anyway, before the MIR I was trying to decide between the three wrap dresses in my closet. And it had to be a wrap dress because I wanted to be able to take my bra off without undressing completely (cause under wires aren't a good thing to wear inside a giant magnet). After much consideration I finally settled on this one. Because RED. It gave me a bit more confidence to get through the day.

I even got multiple compliments from the staff as they liked how comfortable it looked and that it was such a bright color. I decided to tell them I made it and they were suitably impressed, which made my day.

Some Details:
Pattern: Simplicity 2369, size 18 straight up
Fabric: bamboo rayon from Fabric Mart. I bought it the day it went up even at 14.99 a yard because I knew this wouldn't last long. I was right. But its 78 inches wide, I only used 1.75 yards to make this!
Time: about 4 hours give or take
Cost: 20 dollars, which is a steal for a bamboo rayon dress.

So this dress stays in rotation regularly. I have two other colorways of this same fabric (bought ON sale :) ) but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.  I guess that's all for now.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Welcome to Hashtag RedOctober

Howdy #sewcialists. This is me rambling about what started out as a twitter chat and turned into a monthly theme. I'm late to the party. Leila is totally on top of the game for this one. That lady rocks, you should check her out her blog: Three Dresses Project.

I'd also like to thank Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow for the wonderful buttons! (Small ones can be found in her flickr stream)

Here's the two buttons:

The Punny One

#redoctober logo

The One for "Sewing a Rainbow", bi-monthly color themes, I'll talk about that more later.

#redoctber - large

See y'all later!