Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All The Frills

For Christmas my Mom (whom I talk about a lot here) made my daughter what she calls a "can-can". Which is to say its a full underskirt of peach colored batiste and lots and lots of tulle! Felicity made me promise to make her something to go with it. I don't make promises to the kids often because I firmly believe one should never set expectations for young children and then not carry through on them (which is why we are getting a couple small furry rodent like things in the future... Felicity pulled out her 'little girl Jedi mind trick' on my husband. *SIGHS*).

I decided to dig through my stash. It has honestly gotten too big at this point and I am very steadfastly trying to USE UP and MAKE things from my stash for the next three or four months. I had (have) about five yards of this red linen blend and a little over a yard of a red/white striped seersucker. Woven, not dyed. I'm pretty sure the seersucker I stole from my Mother's stash some time ago.

I've already cut out the circle skirt out of red linen. My math was a little off and so its not quite long enough to cover the petticoat, but I think that's OK. I went digging through my stash for some lace and other trim that would go with it, but I really couldn't find anything. So I headed down to Gail K's and found the perfect red heart lace! I also picked up some red cotton bias tape for binding the blouse armholes and some horse-hair braid for a circle skirt (and petticoat) I want to make for myself. And given the color scheme I think this might make a perfect Valentines Dress for Felicity.


  1. Oh, just look at that beautiful skirt! I'm coveting it.

    What a lucky girl, to have such wonderful clothes made specially for her. My mum used to make me floral polyester "things" (but it WAS the 70s!)

  2. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  3. Lucky girl indeed! I'm excited to see the circle skirt, of course. ;)