Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day Dress

Well, I had it ready in time to go out to the Big Shanty Festival to see my son's choir sing, but then it turns out it was cancelled due to "too many student schedule conflicts".  So I was all like ok, well, we'll go see the parade and then head down to the Dogwood festival.
smile, or something
And then it rained us out.  Leh Sigh.  So, instead, my kids stayed at the Grand's place and went to the aquatic center to go swimming instead. Indoor pool on a rainy day with Grandma (mother-in-law, my Dad now lives on the downstairs floor apartment, hence "The Grands" place).  And I went to bed, then went out for "breakfast" with my husband in my newly finished dress.  I got lots of stares, and the greeter said my dress was pretty.  That's always a plus.

Somewhat blurry back detail, but YAY pattern placement!
 My favorite part is the lace hem treatment.  I bought this lace three years ago at the Sewing Expo from a company from Amsterdam. Cotton Lace, check them out as they are nice people.  This is a rayon, i think? I bought the last of what they had there in the hopes of making a Gothic like Steampunk costume. Then I discovered I had a serious personality conflict with a few people on the Atlanta "scene". They've since moved on, as I was not an isolated incident, but my enthusiasm had been lost by then.

Pretty lace detail
 The lace is sewn on with tiny zigzag stitches using my Mom's Viking machine. Her machine plays much nicer with these things than mine does.  Mine still works best with knits combined with the serger, so that's cool. Oh, and I got to use my new duckbill scissors from this year's Sewing Expo purchase. What a difference it makes.

Right, moving along,  when we got back I set up the tripod and had my husband snap the photos. I always feel like he's somewhat annoyed when I ask him to do this, so I usually end up taking less photos.So the one twirly shot I was making goofy face. Oh well.

All in all, I think this is probably my most favorite thing so far.  I definitely need a waist-stay and some shoulder strap holders.  I'll put those in while watching reruns of Dr Who or something.  Oh, yeah, bonus portrait shot!

What did you make this weekend?


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS - both the dress and the young lady wearing it :) Love it!

  2. Well daughter, you are just as talented, if not more so then your mother. God! you and the dress are beautiful. *sniff**blubber* Love Dad.

  3. YAY for V back necklines! I have one on my new LBD, too, and am newly in love with this feature.
    And YAY for the dress! You know, it makes me think of flamenco... or some other lively dance, I'm not good at recognising them.

    1. I love the v-back, and I LOVE your black dress.

  4. Stunning! Fab details, and the color is absolutely becoming on you!

  5. Just found your blog and I absolutely want this dress! With a slightly different pattern, (less flowery, more... umm... dark? :D) but still. I am currently working on a highly modified Katjusha dress which might end up being something similar, but I was looking at your dress too, only so many modifications are a bit hard for me still. Kinda beginner in pattern modifications. I also love Doctor Who. I might visit your blog more often from now on. :)

    1. Welcome Niniel! Glad to have you here and hope to see you around more often. There are LOTS of sewing people that are more than happy to share our knowledge.