Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cool Things

This is suppose to be a sewing blog and I'm suppose to write about sewing and maybe crazy things that my kids do.  And to be honest I have notebooks and scribbles of ideas and things I want to write about here.  Including focusing more on beginner information since, while I have plenty of veteran sewists following, I also have friends and somewhat random people following that are not and have expressed interest in these kind of things.

And, you know, I'll get to that soon. I will.  But you know what time of year it is? Yeah. Me too. And it makes me crazy.  So I'm going to post fun or pretty things here. Just cool stuff I found to take your mind off the holiday insanity.

Oh, she's brilliant. Go check all her violin stuff and you won't be sorry.

Another young lady with a budding movie making career ahead of her.

  Oh, also. One of my long time friends called to tell me he's working on a movie with Nicholas Brendon.

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