Friday, January 30, 2015

Agent Carter

Whoever did this was thinking 'COSPLAYER'S DREAM'

OH EM GEE Y'ALL!!  If you are not watching this show you are missing out. Not only is the good writing and the story of how S.H.I.E.L.D. came to be,it is a vintage costume dream land!  Lets just take a look at her outfit for Opening Act.  This blue suit with the red hat gives us her in Captain America colors but she's owning it.  She is her own woman and she will kick ass and take names.  Let's look at it in less dramatic lighting. 

Flawless entrance!

You know I was totally taking notes with this scene.  This is a typical post war suit, with the a-line knee length skirt and the tailored jacket WITH BONING.  She's wearing some serious armor under all that. The shoes are pretty spot on too.  Which leads me to one of the opening lines I loved when her roommate says, "You know Peg, there's a big difference between an independent woman and a spinster."

The ever sassy Peggy comes back with "Is it the shoes?".

Well, yes, totally. And this is totally a show to watch with your daughters because it not only gives us a smart, competent, and fashionable woman to look up to it shows how long we've come since then, but I digress. I was cooing over the fashion. Specifically, this dress below:

Spoiler alert, that's not a ring. Also, click to embiggen.
 This is, hands down, one of the most 40's dresses I've seen on this show. I can't tell if it was made or if its real vintage though my money is on the latter. At first glance, or to an untrained eye, this dress looks fairly simple. Keyhole neck detail, puffy sleeves, a-line skirt and so on.  The keyhole was a very popular detail with the mid-40's dresses but its the execution here that drew my attention. The detail is created by having a front seam in the bodice, its then gathered into the collar and a center piece that draws it up into an almost bow like detail.  And the sleeve caps are pleated and pressed.  I'm fairly sure this dress is made from a wool flannel or crepe.  The reason I think its vintage is because of the front seam because most lengths of wool were 35-39" and its post war so a lot of piecing was necessary.

I know for a fact I'm going to be trying to recreate this dress, I already have some very similar fabric in my stash.  What about you? Have you watched this show yet? What's your favorite outfit?  Are you inspired to make some 40's fashion?


  1. You've just made this jump to the top of my "to watch" queue! Can't wait to drool over the vintage fashions myself!

  2. Lots of good series on this season. I'm DVR-ing so much. I'll have to put this in my cue. Wow, that dress is gorgeous, especially the collar. I love vintage accents.

  3. Oooo! I haven't seen that. It sounds so right up my alley!

  4. Everyone must watch this show. Not only is it a great show, with great writing and great clothing, but also if it gets poor ratings we may never see another woman hero on TV!

  5. That show is killing me! I am loving it so much. The husband will rewind to see her suits as she enters the office everytime! We need an Agent Carter sewing month!!!!

  6. I have got to catch up on episodes! I love Agent Carter!!

  7. Did you copy the purple dress? I have just discovered the show and want to recreate it myself.

    1. I have not! I may go with a plain keyhole neckline and try for "close enough".